Why allowing pets in lets isn’t such a bad idea
Why allowing pets in lets isn’t such a bad ideahttps://poblletting.agency/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/69097259_1330122453806910_5925378413895352320_n-150x150.jpg

As we are a nation of pet lovers a lot more tenants are now looking for properties that accept pets, we have put together some advice for Landlords on why allowing pets into your properties isn’t such a bad idea.

Did you know that if you exclude pet owners from your properties you are missing out on a large chunk of the rental market, as nearly half of the UK own a pet. By adopting a pet-friendly approach, you can easily increase demand for your property and attract long-term, responsible tenants

So here are some benefits guaranteed to get tails wagging:

Increased demand for your property – with so few properties on the market that accept tenants with pets, your property will be in high demand. Pet-friendly properties are much sought after and won’t be vacant for long.

Tenants who stay longer – pet owners know how difficult it is to find rented accommodation that allows pets so they are more likely to stay longer than those with no pets.

Responsible renters – owning a pet is a major responsibility, and those who take that step are likely to be more responsible generally. The lack of rented accommodation for pet owners also means that tenants will be less likely to do anything to jeopardise their tenancy.

The right thing to do – a survey by the Dogs Trust found that 54% of pet owners were never able to find a suitable property that accepted pets, and that 8% of people had to rehome their pets. Although the situation is slowly improving, by being one of the minority of landlords who do allow pets, you’re helping pets and their owners to stay together.

If you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of allowing pets and decided to go ahead, these are some of the things to think about:

  • You may want to specify which types of pets are permitted in the property. A large dog may not be suitable for a small flat.
  • You could arrange to meet the pet before you accept the tenant, to check that it’s friendly and well-behaved.
  • Adding a ‘pet clause’ to the tenancy agreement gives you the chance to set out the rules regarding pets.
  • You may want to charge a higher deposit for tenants with pets. Remember that, as with all deposits, it will need to be protected under the deposit protection scheme.
  • You could consider charging your tenant a non-refundable ‘pet payment’ to cover the cost of professionally cleaning the property once they’ve moved out.
  • If there are pets living in the property, more regular inspections may need to take place.

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